La la la

by | Oct 11, 2005

I had such a happy day today – I had my porridge and a coffee at home so had plenty of energy for the fabulous session!

A sub I’ve seen a few times before – he’s basically interested in whatever I feel like doing – and there’s plenty of time to do it in – 6 hours in fact!

So for a change – no caning – but lots and lots of other stuff… including putting needles in his nipples and tying them to the bars of the cage 😉 – which totally guarantees no squirming – hehehehe

There was a lot of bondage also – which was really fun, I find my creativity goes up and down in regards to rope. Sometimes there’s just so much garbage going on about bondage in the scene that I almost lose interest in it… but that never lasts for long!

In other news I’m sitting up drinking a nice glass of red (thanks J!) and eating stripy cheese – which is wonderful, however is not going to make my catsuit very happy 🙁

Oh well!