so – very – tired

by | Oct 15, 2005

Still playing catch ups from the night of not-enough-sleep!

I had a very busy day today – to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to my last session because I was worried that I wouldn’t be up to it… plus he was a new sub – so I was a little anxious. However once we started chatting the fatigue fell away as I was pretty excited about the session – and also about some potential future chastity plans!

Something about a locked cock that wakes me right up 😉

For some reason, the busier i am, the more I get done – yesterday I bought some fabulous ribbon laced stockings (black with sissy pink or slut red ribbons), and today I had a couple of hours break between sessions so I caught the train into the city and went makeup shopping! (For me this time, I got new cd lipliners, lipsticks, false eyelashes etc last weekend)

I bought the new Chanel palette, pink lipliner and replaced one of my favourite lipsticks… Plus a little fragrance sampler of Chance which is my usual fragrance anyway, but has almost run out so will eke out a bit longer!

And I’ve decided to try some new skin care products – see if all that pitera will make my face look like a japanese sake brewers hands….. ummmm – or maybe not 😉

Hey – I’m getting old! Someone’s got to keep care of this skin 😉 which is my main reason for never smoking – far too vain!

Anyway – off to bed, another busy day for me tomorrow – hope this update makes sense, I do tend to ramble quite a bit when I’m tired.