by | Oct 26, 2005

I just wrote a very interesting post all about my busy week thus far and damn Xjournal crashed!

Here are the key points anyway…

– saw someone I’ve been seeing since I was an apprentice. Musing on subs who’ve known me my whole career.
– then extended session with ozibootslave; slave’s choice instead of Mistress’s choice for a change – very fun but not likely to catch on!
– dinner at Longrain with ozi – very tasty 🙂
– slave’s plan to convert me to Riesling continuing (but I still love my chewy Shiraz!)

– cool 3 hour session where female friend of sub provided evil ideas beforehand.
– new Dommes are often meaner than experienced ones – well I was anyway… now I’m much much heavier – but also kinder to my slaves.
missfleurdelys had a session – she looked adorable in her school uniform!
– I won a free drink at the pub trivia night!

And that my friends is all – well the dot point version anyway 😉