by | Nov 8, 2005

Yesterday’s Governess session was fabulous fun! I have to say that my spelling list seems to give people a few problems – but nothing that can’t be fixed with the application of the cane 😉

For the second half of the lesson – my poor “pupil” had to sit at the desk with a nice finger of ginger inserted in his red welted bottom! I think it helped to concentrate the mind as he did quite well in the history, if not so well in the literature… and I thought everyone knew who wrote “Mrs Dalloway” – I certainly do!

Best of all I am now the excited custodian of a genuine Lochgelly tawse!!! It’s very dark brown heavy leather and stamped John J Dick, maker, Lochgelly…. and a small M at the end which indicates it’s a medium weight.

How did it fall into my possession – well I was talking to my naughty pupil yesterday about how I’ve lusted after one for years and he pulled one out of his bag! I nearly swooned… so it’s been left with me on “permanent loan” – yay!

For more explanation, wikipedia entry on tawses which mentions the famous Lochgelly – and includes a link to Margaret Dick’s website…