by | Nov 11, 2005

Yesterday was hilarious – well not all of it…. in the morning I went to Sculpture by the Sea which was great – but if you’re planning to go – try not to go on the weekend! It was packed on a Thursday morning, so who knows what it would be like on a sunny sunday afternoon.

That was the very very hot and extra humid day… so of course I had a latex fetish session!

Not a mutual latex, or mostly latex on him – but a short – Mistress as fetish object in catsuit…. arrrggghhhh – I said I wasn’t going to wear the catsuit of doom – but took pity on his pleading and put it on…. all I can say is – thank goodness it was only a short session! I normally kinda enjoy the kinky feeling of sweat running inside my latex – but enough is enough – it was a sauna – even though the dungeon is air-conditioned I still was rather damp!

The sub was very sweet and grateful for my making the effort though – and had some scary stories to tell about other Mistresses he’d seen who’d said “yes sure I have heaps of latex” and then don’t… hmmmm – not a problem you’d find with Mistress Serena she’s got a latex collection that makes mine look paltry! (but I’ve got a lot more leather) We should do a latex fetish double!

Today I got to veg around at home reading and trying to catch up with posts on my board on the Hang at Max Fisch – there’s a few interesting discussions – but I don’t mind other people starting topics there… I promise to answer (on the Ms Servalan board anyway)!

Then a couple of sessions – one was with someone I’ve been seeing since I was an apprentice back at Salon Kittys all those years ago – every time it’s different – today we focussed on physical domination, forced feminisation and golden showers… too fun – I put him in sissy ruffled panties (a kind gift from missfleurdelys who bought some way too big) and a lacy baby-doll nightie – then dragged him into the dungeon by the ear and taught him what a wimp he was with scissor locks, and other rough housing! It was very fun! I used to do a fair few wrestling sessions at SK, but I haven’t done that for years….

Later on in the day I saw a spanking sub – I find there is a huge world of difference between people who see a Mistress and those who see a disciplinarian… my spanking and cp enthusiasts never see me in anything other than elegant office attire or similar – and don’t see a single rope, whip or chain – it’s all presented as very matter of fact in many ways… quite different to the fantasy world of my dungeon.

Anyway the spanking was fabulous – his poor bottom was so bruised afterwards – just from my hand!

And in other news – Civ 4 is evil!!!! I keep closing my eyes and seeing little men running around… I love it – I love it gooooood