by | Nov 25, 2005

Well I’ve been have a great few days – on Wednesday I saw ozibootslave for a few hours including some very intense cp with Mistress Serena who came in to assist and of course meet my slave! Poor ozi was rather overwhelmed I think – it’s hard enough with one beautiful sadist giggling at your pain let alone two!

That’s been a great thing about Ms Serena doing sessions at my dungeons – the chance to hang out with a friend who I know is very similar to myself… one of the things I missed when I left Salon Kittys – though to be honest only a few of the ladies there are genuine fetishists and sadists the way Serena and I are – that’s why we were always such good friends.

Yesterday she came in for a short time in a session with someone I’ve been seeing for almost 6 years I’d say – since I was an apprentice Mistress, it’s great to have people I’ve been seeing for so long – I feel there’s such a strong genuine bond – he’s certainly seen me change over time I suspect!

Today I have a couple coming in to see me – which should be very fun as I enjoy these sorts of sessions… then I have one of my favourite subs coming in – I’m looking forward to doing lots of fabulous horrible things to him 😀 it’s always a very intense session…

ozibootslave‘s still in Sydney – hopefully he’s managing to focus on the work he’s supposed to be doing and not just reveling in wearing my collar locked onto his neck and squirming in his tight latex g-string!

We’re doing an overnight session on Saturday night – so no one try and ring me on Sunday cause I will be asleep!

In other news anyone read this article about the new haka – hehehe – poor scared englishmen… as to the wallabies at the moment – hmmmm – as Basil Faulty would say “Don’t mention the war”!