by | Nov 25, 2005

I wonder if that’s why I’m so good at otk spanking 😉

Your skill lies in your very body! You are pure,
weapons are not needed when you can take out
that guy with clever side punches and forceful
kicks! No-one knows how able bodied you are;
that is; until they try stealing your purse!

.::Ever wanted to know which weapon you would wield?::.
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Sessions today were both great – the couple were really fun – I’d seen the male partner before, he’s been sent to scout as it were before they came in together… lots and lots of fun stuff – they were both submissive and interested in lots of different things – I really enjoyed dressing the female partner in a corset and a pair of heels to make her look extra sexy… dressing up is always fun.

My session this evening was as expected very intense… there was body punching, knife play, nipple torture, otk spanking (which is kinda funny when the sub is almost a foot taller), the cane, a catheter and other fabulous things… interestingly I think one of the most intense moments for me was just untying some rope and leaning against him for a moment.