I made it rain!

by | Nov 22, 2005

by washing my car – it was soooo dirty – I keep meaning to get it washed, and then think “oh no – it’s overcast I’ll wait” – but today I had had enough – so paid my $$ and sat down with a coffee…. a few hours later the heavens open… oh well – rain is good…

A couple of fabulous sessions today also – one sweet shy “school girl” who had to be caned on her bare bottom! And in complete contrast a longer heavy bondage and latex encasement session… all good fun.

But ergh – I was so mad! Just before my evening session – someone came up and rang the doorbell – I was surprised but answered the door (in totally non-glamorous trackie pants I must add) to a vaguely familiar guy…

Him – Hi there, I lost your card
Me – I don’t have a card
Him – Mistress Servalan?
Me – Yes
Him – I lost your phone number
Me – 0404 654 774
Him – I don’t have a pen
Me – Oh well, you’ll just have to remember… and don’t come to my door, it’s not at all appropriate – I don’t live here and anyway – look at me, I’m wearing tracksuit pants! You can’t just show up on the doorstep uninvited.
Him – mumble mumble sorry – flee

In retrospect I was possibly over grumpy – but I was in a rush and I really don’t expect people to wander up like that… it can compromise someone else’s privacy. Plus the fact I’m probably not even there!

Next time he can just look me up in the phone book! Or google…