Now that was fun 🙂

by | Nov 19, 2005

I had a couple of days off!

Well – sort of – I guess photo shoots are still work 😉

Though very fun it must be said – especially as serpentine_kiss had organised a very cool stiletto trampling “model” to come in and get squooshed by Mistress Serena and I! She hasn’t done very much trampling before- and was actually a little nervous of damaging the sub – but once she realised how much he loved having our sharp heels digging into him her eyes lit up!

It’s interesting how even a very experienced Mistress can have some areas she’s not explored – I know there are still heaps of things I would like to try!

The shoot went really well – and I’m looking forward to seeing the results… Mistress Serena stayed to shoot some glamour shots of her own in some wonderful latex as I was leaving for my little excursion up the mountains.

Which was super fun!

Christa Hughes rocks – beer drinking woman was hilarious – a combination of comedy and her fabulous fabulous voice… it was brilliant 🙂

This morning – up for breakfast – the coffee was terrible 🙁 but then a visit to the very tourist-y but fabulous Scenic World which is the skyway, scenic railway etc etc – very fun!

I was thinking about a visit to the Jenolan Caves, but didn’t really have time – so went for a lovely (but steep) walk at Govett’s Leap – food at Blackheath and then a drive down the nice curvy bits of road – car goes vroooom! Such a nice drive…

Home – nice dinner – glass of wine – all good 😀

I’m going to have my phone on again tomorrow!

Oh – and I forgot – I bought the most hilarious hula girl outfit – I’m dying to put it on some poor unsuspecting sub 😀