by | Nov 4, 2005

Well I’ve been having a great few days – apart from the fact that I hurt myself today 🙁

Swimming – caning – trampling – cooking yummy food – all the good things in life 😉

But then this morning, I somehow tripped coming upstairs at the dungeon and fell onto one knee – then smacked my head on a brick wall – ooooowwwwww

I have a bump and some scratches on my forehead and a bruise/graze on my knee 🙁

It hurts!

I went home and had a nap/ felt sorry for myself – but had a session this evening… I thought about canceling – but I had been looking forward to the session (extended bondage/latex fetish) so decided to “tough it out” and go in… which was fine – when I’m playing I forget about peripherals (no – not card readers and the like, silly geeks)

Thank goodness though for Chanel concealer and foundation! I don’t think it really showed up… though I told my sub beforehand.

I’m also annoyed cause I had plans for yoga and a swim today but ended up with an ice-pack on my head instead!

And my question for the ages – why do I never hurt myself when wearing high heels??? I should just stay in them all the time – they’re much safer as far as I can tell!