What a fabulous weekend!

by | Nov 6, 2005

Well I’ve had a great weekend – yesterday I had the dog trainer in (which was very useful – I can see differences already) – and then in the evening I had a very fun “Mistress choice” session. There was caning, needles, and lots of other good stuff 😉

Today I had a fabulous cp session – with a lover of all things that sting! We ran through a range of implements from tawse to dressage whips to a very thin whippy cane. I’ve renamed the legree singletail a “kitten tail” because I’ve used it so much the end has got a tiny bit fuzzy and it looks just like a kittens tail 🙂

My sub today brought me a lovely dry riesling – it seems as if there is a general conspiracy to turn me away from Sauvignon Blanc – or at least on to riesling – it seems to be working – I have to admit it was very nice…

And what better way to revel in daylight savings than checking out Newtown’s roof-top bars! I used the time to devise some devious questions for a traditional governess session that I have tomorrow – I hope my “naughty boy” had a good grasp of lots of different subjects!

I declare the weekend a success 🙂 even if I didn’t make it to Gina/Conrad’s party last night – which I hear was very good fun – Mistress Serena was there and said she had a fabulous time!