wind, rain and piccies!

by | Nov 15, 2005

This weather is weird, but of course it’s good to see rain 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot of traditional disciplinarian sessions recently – these things seem to come in waves, one week I had a heap of voyeur sessions with my friends coming in to watch, another it was all extended heavy Mistress’s choice and for some reason recently all otk spanking. Lucky I’ve got strong hands! Though my shoulder can get a bit sore 😉

I’ve also put the wonderful lochgelly tawse to good use – apparently it’s similar in intensity to a cane – so much more severe than a regular strap or tawse…

I finally took some photos off the camera I borrowed from badpauly!

This one shows why ozibootslave and I love the Sebel at Peir One – check out the exposed beam!
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And here’s another cute one from when I was in the states – oooh – six months ago now!
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