by | Dec 1, 2005

I’ve had a good few days… I must admit to being happy to see the sunshine – as was the washing!

I saw a sub from London yesterday who was just in Sydney for a couple of weeks – always quite interesting seeing someone just the once… usually I tend to develop some sort of Mistress/slave relationship with a majority of people that I see, so it’s quite a change to know that it will only be a once off.

Very fun session though 😉 otk spanking, strap-on, lots of good stuff.

All the other people I’ve seen this week have been subs I’ve seen lots of times – naughty schoolboy; heavy caning; heavy bondage – all very fun.

The latter bondage session was fun because we were trying some different things – in this case cross dressing in particular encasement with a spandex hood – the hood is great, it gives the face a total blank appearance with no eye, nose or mouth holes… the fabric of course is breathe-through-able 😉

I think sometimes it can be easy when playing with someone that you’re familiar with to stick to the same sorts of activities – so lots of different kinds of bondage / positions etc but not necessarily new families of play if that makes sense. I guess that’s why it’s important to re-negotiate interests etc from time to time – as something that was a limit at one stage may change after time…