by | Dec 17, 2005

Hellfire last night was good fun I caught up with the usual crew including a very good friend I haven’t seen for a while – I thought Princess and Angel’s show was fantastic – a real cut above the usual fare, the ideas weren’t anything particularly new (pervy santa, xmas decorations in naughty places) but they had a level of showmanship and professionalism that really took the performance to a different level.

I saw kellilasub today – and let him out of his CB3000 – for a while at least 😉 he deserves a rest break before he goes back in! Though for a shorter time I suspect as I’m really more interested in using it as a method of attitude adjustment before session in his case…

He brought me such beautiful flowers too – and took some photos of a variety of the cross dressing outfits… I’ve been wanting to have a record of all the different looks I can put together – though today was more of a test as kelli’s not used to shooting that fashion sort of look.

In other news – I bought the new Madonna album at the service station in Yass on Thursday… I’ve listened to it a couple of times and like it in a trashy way 😉 I love Madonna – no matter how old I get she’s always 10 years ahead!

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