by | Dec 21, 2005

“Some people try and pick up girls and get called an asshole
This did not happen
To Pablo Picasso

Well he would walk down the street, girls could not resist his stare
Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole

Not like you”

Hahaha – I love the stuff itunes picks out for me!

This song totally reminds me of my childhood – it was on the Repo Man soundtrack which I loved to bits when I was a lot younger 😉

My earache is much better – I think being very very horrible to a poor humiliation slave today helped – hmm sometimes I shock myself at how mean I can be – but then again people need to be careful what they ask for!

However – I’ve got behind on my phone messages… I hate it when I get that message bank text saying I’ve got 9 messages…. ergh… of course if I can’t get back quickly I usually don’t return the call unless it’s someone I know quite well – so if I don’t return a call then just ring me back! Also I often seem to get indecipherable phone numbers – so obviously don’t just ring around looking for the sub!

Anyway – I’m looking forward to my session tomorrow – heavy latex – though I have to admit that I won’t be wearing my catsuit…. way too hot for me to swelter – the sub on the other hand 😉