Hot hot 🙂

by | Dec 7, 2005

Such a busy day today – I had a fabulous session with one of my Canberra subs – who obviously wasn’t able to wait until I planned a trip – probably some time in mid-Jan I’d say at the moment but I will keep everyone updated.

Anyway we hadn’t seen each other for over six months – so it took me a few moments to connect it all in my memory – however it all soon came rushing back and we had a very intense session… lots of nipple torture, some strap-on, intricate cock bondage (must take some photos some time – it looks so cool), ball weights, peg counting, piercing and other fabulous fun stuff…. even a pair of high heels! (well two in fact cause I’m always in mine)

After my session I had some running around to do – and I certainly picked the wrong day for it! Eep – so very warm… though to be honest I don’t mind the heat that much – as long as I can get somewhere cool eventually – I was camping at a festival a few years ago and it was over 40 degrees for several days in a row and I got rather sick 🙁

I finally got my yellow pages today and saw my ad in there 🙂 just linage plus website in the escort section which is a bit annoying sometimes when I get people who don’t understand that the “Mistress” bit in the front means I don’t offer the “usual” services! But anyway – it’s there and I’ve had a few nice people call me from that so I guess it’s all a matter of patience when others call…

Oh – and in meme-land…

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