I’ve been very busy….

by | Dec 15, 2005

And a long way away!

I drove 850 kM today – which let me tell you is quite a distance 🙂 so if anyone was expecting any communications with me – they weren’t forthcoming!

Yesterday I caught up with Mistress Serena and I had a formal cp session with someone I’ve been seeing since I was an apprentice Mistress about 5 or 6 years ago…

Tuesday was very fun – a tickling fetish session! With someone who’d previously been the tickler with my friend missfleurdelys… It was unusual for me – but very fun – I put him in bondage and then tickled him mercilessly!

Later that night was an extended voyeur session – several of my girlfriends came along to watch the slave get put in a variety of bondage sessions – but mostly get his balls stretched as far as they would go! (believe me it’s a long way!)

missfleurdelys came in also for part of the session to join in the fun – and get tormented too 😉 see I’m an equal opportunity pervert – happy to tease, torture and torment girls just as much as boys!

And – on Monday I spent several fun hours with ozibootslave – including a very special Xmas dinner at 41 – such a special restaurant – thanks so much for taking me ozi!

So that’s the short version of everything… minus – well lots of stuff actually but you get that 🙂