Merry Christmas – give the gift of goat!

by | Dec 24, 2005

Well I haven’t been updating very much lately – my earache turned into a summer cold so I’ve been lying around sulking 😉

Though I did venture out for a couple of fun sessions recently… and even braved the crowds to do some last minute christmas shopping!

Anyway – I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow whatever your beliefs… even if that involves just enjoying the public holiday.

I saw this site thanks to _starry_ and think it’s fantastic! Oxfam Unwrapped A chance to give something to people in need – help someone start a small business, grow some veggies, have emergency care or have school books!

I just bought a flock of chooks for my flock of subs 😉 as well as giving the gift of goat for timling and clean water for mr trick.

Oooh – nearly Christmas!