Quick quick….

by | Dec 9, 2005

I’d better post fast before the day is gone…

Happy Birthday kellilasub!

I did a wrestling session today! Now before anyone gets all excited – I don’t do them anymore… this was the first I’d done in more than 2 years since I left Salon Kittys. Why now you ask? Well it was with a very charming older gentleman and I always enjoyed our time together before… so an exception was made.

I’ve seen a few new people recently though – yesterday I saw someone who was not just new to me, but new to BDSM – his main interest was in foot fetish – so that was of course very fun… and another sub who was into a range of fun things including cross dressing in sensuous silky things, cbt and more lovely foot worship 😉

So it’s all good.

In more mundane news my fridge looks rather festively full! I had some friends over to visit yesterday and decided to buy some beer for drinks – Vintage Cellars had a special deal on where I got a Bumper Bargain Box of Beer (not what they called it) – so fridge is now full of Stella with a few Asahi and Corona for good measure… beer from three continents! I’m with the euro-beer myself 🙂

See – I’m not totally crap at shopping – I love bottle shops! And fruit and veggie shops too – nods….