Shiny 🙂

by | Dec 30, 2005

It is super hot today… I spent a fair bit of it at the dungeon – but the air-conditioning was fighting a hard battle with the temperature.

A couple of fun sessions today – the first was with a sweet guy I’ve been talking to for a while who has a huge stocking fetish… he didn’t even want to see the dungeon as he was easily scared (the poppet) – so we did the session in the boudoir… a key part of his fetish is the contrast between the clothed mistress and naked sub – even better if there are more girls to watch and join in giggling at him. Happily the sexy Ms serpentine_kiss and Ms wise1sush were able to come along and assist with teasing! And boy did they tease 😉

The other session was almost the opposite – lots and lots of cp from otk spanking to the singapore cane! Though I was told that the Lochgelly tawse is more painful than the cane…

Now home and hot! Hmm – I might have a nice refreshing gin and tonic 🙂

Hehehe – laughing at Go “If you were any less black you’d be clear” – hehehehehe

And in memeland…
Warrior of Light

Class: Seraph
Alliance: Light

You are a fiery and outspoken person. Vivacious and
a bit wild, you have the sort of personality
that ensures that you never go unnoticed. You
always take a a very agressive stand for what
is right and will fiercely defend it to the
death. As a warrior you take a very active part
in the fight itself, often finding yourself in
the middle of the fray. You kick ass!

Your Angelic Name: Ariel

Which Warrior Angel are You and Whose Side are You On? (With Anime Pics)
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