by | Dec 30, 2005

I did some shopping today – though true to me I didn’t get anything on sale…

But – I have a very sexy new mobile phone!!! It’s a black samsung flip phone – I haven’t decided if it will be my personal phone or new Mistress phone… but at least I now have a personal phone – my last one fell apart so I had to keep swapping sim cards over to check my personal messages 😮

I also bought myself some bubble bath – which is strange considering that bubble bath is usually a favourite gift of strange relations – but this year I must have scared them all off! Thank goodness as I’m pretty fussy about those sorts of things – this one is “Jasmine Tea” and smells really fresh and good – more green tea than jasmine blossom… not too sweet at all. I’m more of a citrus/ocean sort of person than sweet when it comes to pampering products.

Speaking of which I was given a gift voucher for the Korean Baths by a kind person – so will be off for a good scrub in the new year – probably to coincide with my detox – ergh – but I know it has to be done!

I’ve been telling Mistress Serena that any calories eaten between xmas and new year don’t count – but I suspect she doesn’t believe me! hehehehe