the year meme

by | Dec 8, 2005

My year in brief – the first line of the first entry each month of 2005.

J – Goodness… it’s 2005!
F – Well I did my first session in a hotel room last night!
M – People often ask me about why I left Salon Kittys – and how I feel about Mistress Amanda and the other ladies…
A – What a fabulous weekend – summer came back for two more days!
M – Well the cold winds in Chicago have gotten to me and I have a cold!
J – I have been super busy this month – well it’s only been a few days, but even so …
J – Last night’s expedition was a resounding success I have to say! We went to Pure Platinum which is a table-top dancing club in the CBD.
A – I had a nice day off today – I went out to the farm in the Southern Highlands and brushed a pony or two (of the equine sort) and saw lots of birds that seemed to think that spring was only just around the corner!
S – Something so relaxing about a rainy sunday watching tv and reading the paper.
O – Lots of fun in the last couple of days – including a session that didn’t end up going the way I was expecting!
N – Thank goodness this week is looking a bit more relaxed than the last couple of weeks 🙂 though that said – my busy is so fun at the time – it’s just afterwards that I get a bit tired…
D – I’ve had a good few days… I must admit to being happy to see the sunshine – as was the washing!

I seem to talk about the weather a lot!