by | Jan 27, 2006

Hmm – a couple of annoying things recently – but meh – you get that from time to time!

In happier (for him at least) news – I let beltmeplease out of the cb 3000 a couple of days ago 🙂

I certainly made him earn his freedom with something nasty for each day he was locked up (5 months worth)! From flogging to nipple clamps to catheter to needles and electo! By the end I wondered if his poor penis would rather jump back in the cage to be safe from my evil attentions!

What else – oh I went into Reactor the other day to pick up my new white latex top but it didn’t fit properly 🙁 Karen was great though and they’re making me a new one with more accurate measurements this time!

Australia Day I took off from the dungeon and went to the movies to see Brokeback Mountain – which is fabulous but didn’t make me cry, surprisingly cause I’m the sort of sook that snivels in emotional tv advertisements!

I’ve got a fun session coming up this evening – hehehe – I’d plan what I was going to do but they never work out that way – I always end up doing something different to the plan!