by | Jan 11, 2006

10 random things about my day

1 – Iku is open again – this is a *very* good thing!
2 – It thundered a lot and then only spat out a couple of raindrops
3 – I bought a new skirt
4 – My new latex top is ready at reactor
5 – My yoga school reopens next week
6 – I bought a bluetooth headset from Mr-Gay-Telstra man at Broadway shops
7 – I’m loving Hello Cthulhu at the moment
8 – My toe nail polish is pink at the moment – I don’t usually like dark colours in hot weather
9 – I hate flies but the flies don’t seem to care
10 – I love moleskine diaries and note books – the one I’ve got now is my third (I think) and I don’t think I’d ever switch to a normal one.