Hello hello

by | Jan 11, 2006

Well I’m not on holidays – just very very busy at the moment! So’s Mistress Serena actually – we’ve had rather full diaries so I haven’t been updating.

Of course I think my detox makes a difference also – because I’m not ordering thai takeaway and relaxing with a glass of wine and the puter at the end of the day, for some reason water with chlophyll isn’t quite the same 😉 but the food I’m cooking is very yummy – just a bit more labour intensive.

Lots of fun sessions recently… highlights have included kicking a chocolate round the dungeon while my humiliation slave chased it on hands and knees and then ate it very squashed off the sole of my shoe; two chastity slaves; lots of hot strap-on; loads of caning from warm up to completion with at least 5 different canes; the lochgelly tawse; and some abandonment play.

Plus all the other stuff I can’t remember at the moment!

Anyway – proper update on the way 🙂