is it re-tox time now?

by | Jan 20, 2006

Well I successfully completed my two weeks of healthiness! And tonight I’m going to the pub for aardvarkstarr‘s farewell…

I had a great session yesterday – it’s funny how these things work out – there I was feeling like piercing and along comes a sub wanting cbt! He even asked for piercing and electrical – not together – but hey – that was my idea and I was going to go with it!

Lucky he didn’t seem to have any complaints – though it was pretty funny when I took the needles out and said “ooh – bloodbath” then when I showed him the swab I cleaned with there were only a couple of tiny red dots! Hehehe – he believed me… but I’d used very fine gauge needles so they barely bleed at all.

Anyway – must get changed out of my distinctly unglamorous yoga clothes and go to the pub! Speaking of yoga clothes – what the hell are “yoga pants”? Does this mean I’m doing it all wrong cause I’m just wearing comfy trackies?? I’m sure all the yogis in India don’t wear special Nike yoga pants – but then maybe they do these days!

I even saw special “capoeira” pants for sale in Niketown when I was in SF – I wonder what would happen if you wore the wrong pants to the wrong class… would you suddenly go from downward facing dog into some funky handspin? The mind boggles… (well not really, but I wanted to write it)