Lazy day

by | Jan 13, 2006

I had a day vegging around today…

I’ve been so busy lately it’s nice to take a bit of time to laze around! The kittys seem to appreciate me being home 😉 I think they’re a bad influence.

I’ve been looking at holidays trying to decide if I should go or not… or where – at the moment the South Pacific looks good – not such a long flight as Thailand 🙂

I had a very fun cross dressing session yesterday – it was full transformation and I have to say I was as always so surprised by how different people look when they’ve got fabulous make-up and wigs! From an ordinary looking bloke to a very feminine little creature 😉

Then there were lots of outfit changes; from a demure secretary to a shy schoolgirl to a Playboy Bunny and finally a dancing diva dressed for a night club!

Loads of fun… but it’s always a shame to carefully remove every trace of makeup and see my ex-diva turn back into a bloke.