New Latex!

by | Jan 31, 2006

I got my order of new latex today!

Not for me – but for rubber slaves!

There is –
a latex corset – a traditional underbust in thick black bask latex with front closure…
a slutty latex mini dress
a slutty black latex mini skirt
a latex bra with inflatable boobies!

The dress and skirt are nice but the usual sort of stuff – very useful basics to have to expand my already pretty good latex collection, the corset and the inflatable bra are fabulous! So I’m looking forward to trying them out on some lucky rubber slut 🙂

In other exciting news I have a session planned for this evening with a couple and a voyeur! I wonder if the poor sub knows what he’s got himself into agreeing to have three ladies to giggle at him – one Mistress, one girlfriend and one curious onlooker!

I’ll make sure to report back 😉