Torture time 😉

by | Jan 7, 2006

I’ve had a busy couple of days – including heading out to ebos for some medical shopping! Mistress Serena was in dire need of red dots 😉 I don’t actually use my tens machine all that often so I hadn’t noticed we’d run out until she asked if there were more…

Anyway – there are now hundreds, and a heap of new catheters also because I’ve been using quite a few.

Yesterday I had a fabulous role play session with a sub I’ve been seeing for about 5 years – the fantasy was he was a wandering husband who’s “wife” had organised a nasty surprise with a specialist surgeon (me) – instead of going for counseling he was going to be catheterised and castrated! He was mummified to the table with an enema and catheter in place, I then tormented him the the idea he was to be castrated – of course nothing of the sort would occur – but it was a very intense role play! I even did some suturing – so while the wound was imaginary – the stitches were real 😉

The session ended with him holding a huge enema dressed in a nappy being used as a toilet – after all – he was nothing more than a eunuch and fit for only use as a toilet…

Hehehehe – very intense and very fun… I love it when someone comes in with a creative idea – this sub always has a new fantasy for us to play with, which is great fun. (edit – this was a fantasy role play not a couple session, I often do roleplays where I’m “punishing” on behalf of an imaginary partner)

Later that day I saw a sub I used to see at Salon Kittys, who’s into a whole range of different things – we did latex forced feminisation and then s/he was dragged into the dungeon tottering on super high heels to be thrashed and tortured… Yum piercing, catheter, electro – happy Mistress 🙂

Today pure cp – usually we run the rack of implements but today it was a “festival of the cane” using four different rattan canes as well as the lexan and rawhide one – with a couple of other implements added in for good measure.

He brought me in a beautiful bottle of riesling – he’s a part of the “convert Servalan to riesling” conspiracy 🙂 though I’ve left it at the dungeon where it’s not quite so tempting!