by | Feb 6, 2006

I realised I haven’t give a very good update of all the fun sessions I’ve had recently!

I’ve had a couple of voyeur sessions – which is interesting – things always seem to come in “runs” that way.

The most recent was with a sub I’ve been seeing for almost 6 years I’d say – he always comes in with a fantastic idea with some fun role play elements… this time he was a “pervert” who’d been stealing underwear – I lure him into the house and then leap out and surprise him while he’s rifling through my lingerie drawer! Quickly handcuffing him and them putting him in the cage – I call my friend to come and see that I’ve caught the neighborhood perve who’s been stealing all our knickers and spying on us!

Anyway – loads of very fun humiliation happens – from making him wear the knickers if he likes them so much – to raping him with a strap-on to show him what will happen in prison if we change our minds and turn him over to the police!

All of it totally heightened by having my cute friend (who works in a gym and has nothing to do with BDSM at all) watching and giving advice! Of course she wasn’t performing any activities herself (you’d need to organise a double with Mistress Serena for that) but she seemed to find the humiliation of a “pervert” very amusing and loved playing along with the role play aspect!

Oh – and one of my best foot slaves is back in town for a while! I was so happy to have him massaging my feet yesterday…

I was working on a website update today – I have so many fabulous photos that I don’t have there – plus I’d like to change some of the information that’s there. Anyway – it’s just a small update – not a whole new gallery or anything exciting like that 😉 but I will let everyone know when Mr badpauly has had a chance to do it. I’ve been a bit lazy with updates – but am going to try and keep more on top of stuff this year 😉

Anyways – better rush – I’ve got an extended play-dinner-play session coming up soon and I’m still a bit sweaty from my yoga class this afternoon…