by | Feb 7, 2006

I had such a fun session yesterday – it was an extended “dinner” session with a sub I’ve seen several times before.

We’ve been out for dinner before – and really enjoy the mix of a relaxed chance to chat with some rather amusing discrete public play. This time I put him into a stainless steel chastity device, a butt plug and an intricate rope body harness with my chain collar locked around his neck of course!

While no one noticed his predicament it still made a lovely Italian dinner in Leichhardt quite different!

When we returned to the dungeon I put him in the cage for a few minutes while I changed from my vanilla outfit into full leather 🙂 then he was taken into the dungeon for some further torment – I think a highlight was after he’d been blindfolded and teased and changed position a couple of times he opened his eyes with the blindfold removed to find himself looking up through the seat of my toilet chair!

Loads of other fun experiences including an introduction to the catheter – which got a happy reception (this sub has no interest in painful activities – but loves erotic tease and loves certain cbt sensations)… Lots of fun!

Today I saw someone new who had quite a detailed script for me to follow – not always a recipe for a good session but I’m usually willing to play along at least once. Of course for some subs there are certain elements that work well – and some that ruin the scene entirely – so if that’s the case it’s always better to give more information rather than less!

Anyway my fears were allayed very quickly as the session was great fun! Lots of verbal teasing, some role-play, application of corporal punishment and some tormenting cbt….

And in personal news – I think I mentioned I’m going on holiday before – but in case anyone missed the bulletin I will be on the beach in Vanuatu in two weeks time! Out of town from the 20th to the 27th – just a week – but I’m really looking forward to a relaxing break…