by | Feb 18, 2006

Hmm – I’ve been very busy and rather slack with updating lately!

Lots and lots of great sessions this week – interestingly with a lot of new subs that I hadn’t met before (though none of them were totally new to bdsm – just to me). I think people must be coming to see me before I go away on Monday!

I’ve been on a catheter craze lately! Which has been super fun – for me and the males in question 😉 I have all different thicknesses from 12 up to 20 so the experience can be a gentle sensation of stimulation from the inside or a much more invasive experience.

I should really write up all the fun I’m having closer to the time – cause otherwise it all just blends in my memory into a kinky blur of happiness 😉 but you get that.

In latest shopping news I bought a leather pillowcase for the dungeon at the Karnal sale – for any leather fetishists its just the snuggliest thing – I find it hard to resist just cuddling it and sniffing the wonderful smell of new leather…

Hellfire last night was good fun – I’d do a big long list of who was there, but you all know who you are and no one else is very interested I suspect 😉 I met some glamorous new friends also – so all good 😀