Home again home again…

by | Feb 27, 2006

Jiggety jig 😉

No fat pig however – unless you count that girl who was staying at the same resort and really needed to learn to look in the change room mirror before buying bikinis, mini-shirts, tight tops etc etc – shudder….

However by the end I was pining for my dungeon and fetishwear! Imagine a whole week without any heels, leather or latex!

Plus of course not having any slaves to torment 🙁 I go a bit mad after about 3 days of no play so a whole week was a mammoth effort!

Sunshine appeared – thanks liquidskin for sending it 😉 I got very burned on the calves and bottom while I was snorkelling and back has a big x in the middle of it – Hmmm not sure how sexy that will look in the fetish wear!

Too tired to make a lot of sense at the moment – I had to get up at 4.30 to go to the airport… maybe I’ll have a little nap – after I check all those zillions of voicemail messages – honestly I would have thought people would just wait till I got home instead of leaving messages!