Not long now 🙂

by | Feb 14, 2006

Well the tickets arrived this morning so I must really truly be going away next week 🙂

Monday morning – off to Vanuatu! Though only for a week… thank goodness it’s only a very short flight – I think about the same as Auckland… today the weather in Port Vila is 28 and sunny – so hopefully will be the same this time next week!

Weekend was fun and relaxing 🙂 I had a fabulous time at Lion’s Den on Saturday night – thanks so much to freeq and thehubinator for opening their home to such a wonderful mix of debauched characters!

I had a wonderful time with favoredfuktoy, he’s got the most beautiful manners – always important to me because I’m such a stickler for protocol 🙂

I also got to play with a very cute girl and show her just how good electrodes to the genitals can feel! No – really – super good – I think a few of the observers are now wishing for their own tens machines to try out!

This week is shaping up to be fun – I’ll need to get a double dose of perversity before going on holidays… I saw one of my “schoolboys” yesterday and was thinking a lot about how to explain the techniques I use for the workshop I’m teaching on Thursday.

But more about that later 😀