plots and plans

by | Feb 11, 2006

I went to trip tease last night and saw missfleurdelys and her friend Jessica in a very naughty and amusing show… those girls are bad! But in the best possible way of course 😉

missfleurdelys is off interstate again on Monday – so anyone wanting to see us together will have to wait until she’s back again for a visit some time in March. I’ll make sure to update and let everyone know when…

Tonight I’m off to a play party and planning lots of fun 😀 I hope favoredfuktoy is feeling worried – he did sign off on a huge long list of torments and I have every intention of following through!

All I have to decide is what to wear 😉 a pair of sexy boots has been respectfully requested – but I have about 10 pairs of boots so it gets hard to choose which ones 😉

Maybe these ones…
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Cause I’ve worn the leather knee high ones all the other times I’ve had him at my feet – decisions decisions….