Washing day!

by | Feb 1, 2006

I did a lot of washing today!

Though it wasn’t all washing – this morning I had a fabulous caning with my “naughty nephew” 🙂

What did I wash?

tartan mini tartan mini
I washed this skirt and this corset….
polymorphe skirt & fake corset polymorphe skirt & fake corset
I washed this gorgeous Polymorphe latex skirt (but not this corset cause I don’t really wear it all that often)
cage in vex cage in vex
I also washed my super sexy vex dress 🙂

What else…

This Image hosting by Photobucket corset and catsuit that one of my subs had worn…

And my oldest latex – a black and gold gown from Rubber Baroness an ex-bf gave me about 9 years ago…

AND – my super sexy DeMask catsuit – but I don’t have a photo of that either 🙁

And my long black side zip skirt from reactor – but there are heaps of pics of that on my website… 🙂