Well that was fun

by | Feb 28, 2006

I had my first session back this afternoon… it was with a new sub and was a couple of hours of bondage – specifically he was interested in Japanese Rope Bondage… I said I could only do Australian bondage though 😉

It was great fun – I did a heap of cool stuff – he wanted to try mummification also – so out came the black pallet wrap with white rope over the top to make it all extra tight.

I spoke to a sub from o/s today too who’s coming to Sydney in a few weeks and was making a well-in-advance booking. I was unsure about taking a longer booking from someone I haven’t seen before – but on discussion about the session decided to go ahead with the longer booking as we had lots of interests in common – heavy caning, piercing, cutting, single tail… a real chance to be extra mean! Though that said, I tend to be very sooky with my subs the more they suffer… Hmm – the sooky sadist – not sure how appealing that sounds 😉