Daily Archives: March 14, 2006

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Busy day!

I’ve been very busy the last couple of days… I have an advertisement out at the moment also – but strangely enough the sessions I’ve been doing have nothing to do with the ads!

I went out for dinner last night to Glass at the Hilton – with a sub from interstate that I haven’t seen for a while – last night was about hanging out and catching up, usually we’d have a session and then go out… but this time it was nice just to enjoy a lovely dinner.

Today I saw a new sub who was interested in latex enclosure – I put him into layers of latex a catsuit, stockings, gloves, corset and hood – first it was a hood with eyes and mouth, but later I put him into the very restrictive hood which only has two tiny nose holes… all very fun.

Other sessions today included the sub from last night – who really wanted to reconnect as my slave after our reconnection as friends 😉 it was a great session – very intense.

There must have been something in the air or something – because my final session for the day was with a sub of mine I haven’t seen for a while also – it made me very happy to play with him again 😉 the session involves foot worship, stocking fetish, humiliation and lots of g/s… all very good.

Oh and I’ve been meaning to do a book update – I haven’t done one for ages and I’ve read heaps of books – lots of trash it must be said 😉 genre fiction can be very relaxing when you’re not quite up to Literature!