by | Mar 2, 2006

The SLPA harbour cruise last night was great fun – good to see heaps of friends!

It was a couple-y day today… a couple came in to hire the dungeon – they seemed to have fun from the smiles when they left 😉 I might be doing some training in electrical play with them a some stage too which would be fun – I really enjoy teaching and I think it’s always more effective in a one-on-one situation rather than a group…

Then I saw a couple for a fabulous introductory session – neither of them had played much but they were very excited and wanting to try a lot of different things…. I have to say the young lady seemed very partial to “electrodes to the genitals” – much to her surprise!

It was very very fun – they were so obviously enjoying their exploration – I said I was training them as sex slaves for each other 😉