by | Mar 9, 2006

I can smell dinner cooking! andre_janus is making something yummy 😉 or at least that’s how it smells….

Yay for yummy dinners… and nice pinot from the Southern Highlands – I had a bad bottle shop experience earlier today when they only had one pinot and it wasn’t from New Zealand, Geelong or Tassie… stoopid bottle-o I went elsewhere as you can imagine!

I had fun with a new sub today – latex cross dressing including a look I always love “Miss Gimp” with a rubber hood with a red wig on the top! Sadly it was only an hour so I didn’t go the big false eye-lashes as well 😉

We then adjourned to the dungeon where the evil Mistress came out – never tell a sadist you’re after a sadistic style session! It was only a little cold caning 😉 and just a tiny weeny catheter – though to be honest I think that for most subs the catheter is more pleasure than pain….

I decided to wear something a little softer for this session – cause I don’t always wear leather or latex (though to be honest – I do wear them a lot!) Like this – but with a pink bra and panties instead of the black…

Oh – and in washing news 😉 I washed up all the latex I’d used in the session of course, and also two pairs of fully fashioned stockings and my pink silk panties… so if anyone is after very scented stockings – too late!