by | Mar 19, 2006

I met a new foot fetishist today 🙂

He’d originally contacted Mistress Serena and she’d passed my number on to him – which surprised me at first as she has beautiful tiny feet and loves foot fetish also – but he’d been quite specific in looking for a certain size of foot – my size as it turns out!

He was running late due to track work and I was a little bit annoyed – and a bit intimidating apparently! I was curious if we would be compatible as he’d not seem a proDomme before but had sessioned with regular sex workers so wasn’t used to someone who was quite specific about how she liked her feet attended to!

Anyway – despite my worries (and his too probably) it all went off very well – apparently even though I still have some tan lines and a couple of flipper scrapes from a couple of weeks ago my feet still pass muster! Phew 😉 I always worry because beauty is in the eye of the beholder….

I even learned something – I can crush grapes with my toes! Hehehehe – very fun 🙂

I also washed all the latex I’d used in a session recently – I’d been a bit lazy and left it in the bottom of the washing basket – but I thought someone might want to wear the catsuit/corset/gloves/hoods etc etc so decided it was time to get it all washed… of course like all those sorts of things it never takes that long!

Then off to another workshop by Sydney Leather Pride (who invited me to teach the CP workshop a month or so ago) – this one was on uniforms and my friend cinner1973 was co-presenting… I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t really a girly perspective on uniform fetish… cause Miss Nic isn’t really a WAAF kinda girl 😉

I don’t think I have the patience for uniform fetish sometimes… I want things when I want them and don’t really relish the whole “thrill of the chase” collector thing – oh well.