by | Mar 24, 2006

I’ve been active this week – made it to yoga and martial arts a couple of times each 🙂 but I must admit to being a little bit sore in the calves…

I had a day off on Wednesday – even went to the movies and saw Capote – which was good… but didn’t really speak to me I have to say.

I had a slight panic yesterday – my oldest client got lost – the taxi dropped him off in the wrong street and it took a while for us to work out where he was so I could go and pick him up! I worry about him coming out to see me sometimes – but he really loves bending over my desk for the cane 😉 I think that a lot of men of his generation never really did anything for themselves – so this is a good escape every now and then.

I went out for pub grub and a couple of beers last night – I left at about 10 but I think some of my friends may have kicked on a bit from what they’ve been saying 😉

Really looking forward to my session tonight – four hours of heavy cp and torture… mmmmm – singletail, needles, canes, staples… all very good 😀