guzzling and boxing

by | Mar 17, 2006

It seems to be feed up Mistress season this week 😉 first my dinner at Glass at the Hilton on Monday. We’d been there before – I love it – especially because they had zucchini flowers on the menu!

So I already had a lunch date planned for Wednesday – which I prefaced with a rush around to the medical suppliers beforehand… It was a very relaxing lunch with a charming gentleman I see very often as my “naughty nephew” – obviously very different to see him in a more normal environment 😉

Back to the dungeon for a very fun session with a new sub who was interested in boots – I think he was a little surprised when I pulled out about 8 pairs for him to choose from!

Mistress Serena had a very extended session with a devoted foot slave later that afternoon – and I got to come in and have a little fun also 😉 we sat on the couch with our feet up on him drinking a glass of champagne! He was very happy to have found an environment where that sort of thing can seem so very natural (which it is to us of course).

That night an ex-slave/friend of mine who’s moving interstate wanted to catch up for drinks at Cafe Sydney … but we ended up staying for dinner as we were so busy chatting.

All I can say is that it’s lucky I had kickboxing class last night or I would never fit into my leather 😉 It did leave me a little sore – or that could be from the session I had immediately afterwards where the sub wanted physical domination as well as heavy discipline – very fun I must say!

And in memeland – this is almost exact – how weird…

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