by | Mar 21, 2006

I went to my martial arts class tonight and when I got a drink of water I left a big smooge of Chanel lipgloss on the bubbler – oops! Hopefully none of the less girly people there won’t end up with it – hehehehe – that could lead to some quick explaining…. “Lipstick – umm I don’t know honey – it must have been on the bubbler” Sure it was!

Why you ask was I wearing makeup? Well I went straight from a session – which was a fabulous domestic scenario involving spanking, enema and a nappy. Which is very very odd – because I used a nappy last night in session too – but for a different reason – last night it was so I could pee in the nappy myself and then seal the sub in… today it was so he could walk around and *not* hold the enema (and then get punished for making a mess in the nappy).

Luckily unlike the toddler size ones we used to have at SK, I buy the adult ones – though they are exactly the same only huuuge 😉 too much fun if you’re into humiliation…

Madness-Spurred Scientist-Eating, Redhead-Vaporizing Abomination from the Legendary Arcane Necropolis

Oh and itunes is poopy – I wanted the new dresden dolls album and it’s not there 🙁