Well that was fabulous

by | Mar 25, 2006

I had my four hour session tonight – it was a very open ended direction – “I’m a masochist, these are my (v. limited) hard limits – what would you like to do”…

A bit nerve-wracking because this sub has seen a lot of big name Mistresses all over the world but I think I scrubbed up okay – though by the end we were both so tired and floaty and done it was hard to say 😉

So what did we do?

It was all very lighthearted and chatty most of the time – he’s not really submissive – though he did want to make me happy 🙂 (and succeeded) well there was a lot of stuff – some spanking, light flogging, cb bondage, weights, nipple clamps, some punching (which he’d never had before), strapping, lochgelly tawse, caning, caning, caning, caning – you get the picture 😉 bum tartar it was very very good 😉 then flogging, flogging, braided cat, kitten tail, single tail, kitten tail (which apparently hurts worse), knife – mmmm – knife, staples, big fat catheter, nipple piercing, full head piercing, other cock piercing, other nipple piercing, floss bondage play, taking needles out, and stuff

I may have missed out the best bits – I’m a bit sleepy!

I was going to do some face-slapping and spitting and stuff in theory, but it didn’t end up happening – maybe some other year 🙁 he’s apparently been wanting to come and see me for two years! Hopefully we get to play again sooner rather than later… it was very fun – nods

okay bed time for me!