by | Apr 5, 2006

Such a beautiful sunny autumn day today – I should have gone for a walk but opted instead for mooching about at home (well apart from this morning when I got to administer a good caning)

Went to the pub for trivia last night – arriving a little late after my martial arts class… it was fun to catch up with mates – but it was pretty crap trivia – or maybe I only say that because they didn’t ask any of the sorts of questions I’m better at – science, literature, art or whatever – I don’t really watch enough television or listen to enough pop music to necessarily answer questions about celebrities. Maybe I need to host my own “wanker” trivia 😉

Who won the most recent Man Booker Prize for literature?
There are six noble gases in the periodic table – name three of them.
What is a drumlin? a) a small percussion instrument used in celtic folk music
b) a glaciated hill
c) a rare marsupial mouse
Name this influential Russian film, directed by Sergei Eisenstein in 1925 it features the famous Odessa Steps sequence and was one of the first examples of montage editing.

And so on… nods – much more fun 😉 and then I wouldn’t feel like such a nana for not knowing who’s the father of Britney’s baby or whatever 😛