by | Apr 28, 2006

My cold is all better too thank goodness – sniffling isn’t very glamorous!

I had a very fun session this morning with a sub I’ve seen before who’s from Sydney, but currently living in London…

He’s into full weight head standing and brings along a video camera so he can record the session for his later delectation! After we did the video he gave me a fabulous foot massage and we had a good chat.

It’s funny how things work out, because he’d make a fantastic regular foot slave to come in and give me pedicures/massages etc when I needed them – but he’s hardly ever on the same continent 🙁

Luckily ozibootslave isn’t that far! Just Melbourne though it’s amazing how every business trip he ever takes goes through Sydney 😉 Speaking of which we had a lovely day together yesterday while he was between Queensland and New Zealand!

Oh and in other news I got an email from Antone Pavlov the photographer who did those fabulous doll-like shots of molly on – he’d been told about the lj post – small world isn’t it! Molly Web