Books 11 – 20

by | Apr 5, 2006

Not accomplished in terms of books read but just that I’ve finally done an update! I wrote this all out ages ago but xjournal ate it 🙁

11. Oyster – Janette Turner Hospital – Australian Literature, strange story of an isolated community and how it all melts down…
12. The Brilliance of the Moon – Lian Hearn – reread – genre fiction – good fun
13. Grass for his Pillow – Lian Hearn – as above
14. A Walk in the Woods – Bill Bryson – US – travel – reread – my absolute favourite Bryson – it makes me want to go hiking! Just not quite so far 😉
15. Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov – icky and insightful and beautifully written
16. Reindeer People – Piers Vitebsky – a scholarly work of non-fiction about nomadic reindeer herders (Eveny) in the former Soviet Union and how their lives were changed – strange thing to pick up at the airport but very interesting!
17. Red Queen – Margaret Drabble – UK Literature masquerading as chick lit – enticing narrative about the wife of the mad Korean rice chest prince…
18. Yellow Dog – Martin Amis – UK Literature covers gutter journalism, head injuries, porn and the loyalties of hard men.
19. Shaman’s Crossing – Robin Hobb – genre fiction – but I love her work! The first in a new series – no connection to her Liveship or Fool books. Very fun fantasy with post-colonial consciousness.
20. Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World – Haruki Murakami – Japanese fiction – I didn’t find this as appealing as the Kafka on the Shore which I read earlier, but still very interesting.

There’s more – but I’ll wait for 21-25 😉