Day spa goodness

by | Apr 10, 2006

Mmmm – day spa goodness… though I have to say that I wasn’t quite so keen on the mummification! Eek – it made me a bit nervous, guess I’m just not so good at relaxing 😉

I had this – Mala Mayi Body Treatment: Unwind, invigorate and celebrate with this complete rejuvenation experience. First energise and nourish with a full body aromatic oil and Desert Salt exfoliation. Then calm and revitalise the spirit, cocooned in warm Mapi Body Mud, whilst you experience Aboriginal massage techniques in the Paudi scalp massage. Following this surrender the body and soul to a rhythmic full body Kodo massage.

Which was fabulous – though not quite enough scalp massage for my liking (but then I really like scalp massage)

Mistress Serena had a wrap and massage also – but I’m not sure what kind… she was in bliss when I arrived (a little delayed) relaxing in the spa and looking so cute in a polka dot bikini – hehehehe – no one would ever guess that the small cute blonde can be so scary! Unless they saw her wearing total enclosure heavy rubber with a cane in her hand of course 😉

She sends out special thanks to slave peter who gave her the gift voucher for xmas – and so do I cause what’s a day of luxury without a best friend to share it with!

I of course send big thanks and love to Rob for my birthday gift voucher – even if I did wait months and months before actually going in…