Doubleday – not the publishers 😉

by | Apr 16, 2006

Today was double day!

First was a fantastic session with missfleurdelys – it was painful endurance bondage on the male slave – with fleur coming in for the second half of the session – I ended up stretching out her pussy – poor fleur – last week she was in peaceful lectures at university – of course I made him kiss them better when he pulled back 😉

Anyway – we ended up pushing him (and fleur) in the bondage – I think he really learned what it meant to request painful endurance bondage! As did Miss fleur though she seemed to have a lot of fun – even when in very embarrassing positions with the poor male slave!

The other double session today was with Mistress Serena – we saw a slave we’ve both seen before separately who’s into forced feminsation, latex fetish, cbt, anal etc etc… he said at the end of the session – the difference between one Mistress and two is that you don’t get a breather at any time! Mistress Serena goes to get the candle for hot wax torture, I’m keeping him occupied with anal stimulation, I go to get a fresh catheter to violate his cock, she’s already dripping hot wax on it!

No rest for the wicked – and someone who wants two beautiful sadists has to be very wicked indeed 😉

Hehehehe – happy easter!